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Stats & Tools for Jobs

*based on 2015 calendar year reported to NACCAS:

Overall Rate 3-Year Average
Graduation 72.06% 74%
Placement 71.13% 76.90%
Licensure 100% 100%

DuVall’s mission includes providing a quality education to equip students to be successful in their career field. Part of our vision is to see people learn and implement the provided training to launch into a new career. As a student or alumni of DuVall’s, you will have several tools available. Classroom training about career paths, employers’ expectations, life skills, and professional behavior begins in the Discovery stage. Development of an online portfolio begins before you ever begin working with clients, continues through Skills and Creative, and is your tool to use as long as you like after graduation. In the Creative stage, instructors will work with you to perfect your resume, role play mock interviews, and intensify preparation for salon or spa readiness. Graduating students are provided a list of recommended websites to participate in, as well as a list of salons and spas who have hired our alumni and know the quality they may expect from a DuVall’s graduate. Along with your diploma and any certifications earned, each graduate receives a letter of recommendation from the school to accompany your resume. Any alumni seeking their first job may contact the school to obtain a password to gain access to current job leads on the Jobs Board tab.

We believe that our graduates are able to utilize these tools to successfully pursue and obtain employment, however, we have the same open-door policy with our alumni that we do with our students, should additional aid be needed.

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